Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

Start your New Year on the Right Financial Foot (Blog)

At the Money Hub, we know how difficult it is starting the new year in financial terms. The first couple of months can be particularly difficult for lower to middle income households. Perhaps you are worried about making ends meet. But don’t worry, we have some money saving tips that can help bring these ends a bit closer together.

A particular worry is the overspending at Christmas. You are not alone, everyone does it. You may have used credit to buy gifts, or maybe you had to raid your hard earned savings. Either way you are undoubtedly feeling the pinch this year as those bills hit that mat.

Energy bills are often the worst part of the new year. Energy has been on an excessively high tariff for many year. To save money perhaps consider lowering or even turning off your heating when its not really needed. Instead wear a couple more layers.

Or you could switch to a different energy provider as they normally offer cheaper tariffs. In fact recent research has shown that by changing your energy provider yearly you could shave up to £250 a year off your energy bills. Using price comparison website can really make switch utility providers quick and easy.

Shopping online is another great way of saving money. Online retailers tend to be cheaper than normal high street retailers. Also there are a wealth of fantastic vouchers, coupons and deals available online. So don’t be afraid to use them.

Other ways include cancelling that unused gym membership, walking or cycling to work to cut down on your transport costs. Even giving up alcohol for a couple months. These can all help you save money.